Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. KYC authentication: as per our standard procedure we would be collecting and storing few important documents/KYC (such as aadhar card, pan card etc.) of our clients for our record and for any future dispute. These documents should be fully legal without any modification or editing. In case of any illegal activity related to these documents won’t be tolerated and we have all the rights to take legal action against such illegal acts.
2. No cash policy: we are and we will be accepting payments through payment gateway and online transaction but we do not accept any kind of cash transaction in the venture either from the client or our executives/brokers/agents. If we see any cash transaction through any of these, we will be free to take legal action against that.
3. Refund policy: if a client requests for refund, he has to request for the refund in his wallet. The refund will not be sent through the payment gateway. It will be shown in your wallet only. And after sending a refund request, the amount will be sent within the next 72 working hours.
4. UPI or bank transfer: if a client sends the amount through UPI or net banking/bank transaction, he has to send the transaction screenshot on our mail ID support@yamasha.in or our WhatsApp customer support number 7850940696. It will take at least 8 working hours to put the amount into the wallet of the client.
5. Data security: the personal data of our clients (such as name, contact number, E-mail ID, bank details etc) will be totally secured with us and we do not outsource this data to any third party. The contact number and mail id of our client that we have, can be used by us for our promotional activities.
6. Deleting or deactivating the account: in case if any client wants to delete his account from Yamasha, he has to send a request to our mail id or our WhatsApp support number for the same, we will be send you a DD of the rest of the amount in your account and the account will be closed within 72 working hours.
7. In case of any complaint: in case of any kind of inconvenience or problem/query regarding Yamasha, the client can let us know through the mail id or WhatsApp support system. We will be working on it asap (maximum 72 working hours).
8. Ethics: in Yamasah we always work with ethics and the great Indian constitution and law is always our priority. Therefore our venture works as per the industrial finance corporation act 1948. All the activities and transactions are fully legal and we do not support any fraudulent activity in our venture.
9. Changing the bank account: if a client wants to change the bank account details he has given to us at the time of registration, he has to send a request through the mail or WhatsApp support number. At the time of withdrawal we would not accept the request of immediate bank account changes.
10. Time for withdrawal: as per our policy, the withdrawal will be processed after getting the withdrawal request. It might take at least 4 to 72 hours to process the withdrawal.
11. Shareholding: if a client wants to be the shareholder of Yamasha, he has to buy the shares at the market price at that present time. The lock in period of that will be one year. You can see the shares in your Yamasha wallet. In case you want to transfer these shares in your Demat account, you have to send us a request through mail or WhatsApp support number. You have to pay a minimal fee of Rs. 1500 + taxes and we will be transferring these shares to your Demat account or we will be giving you a share certificate. This procedure might take up to 5 working days.
12. OTP: any of our agents, broker or executive do not need any kind of OTP from your side so to be safe and secure, do not share any OTP with anyone.
13. Mutual fund: on our mutual fund app Yamasha mutual fund -connect is a. Platform from where you can see the mutual funds of all the banks and NBFC. Read all the documents carefully before investing in mutual funds. We would not be responsible for any kind of dispute in the mutual funds.
14. Stock market investment is subject to market risk and we do not use the word ‘guarantee’ anywhere. So you are suggested to take the decision of investing wisely after reading all the documents carefully.
15. In case of any dispute related to our deeds, the legal action and the implementation will be taken as per the jurisdiction of Mumbai, India.